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Keep the Party Going: 4 Tips for Nightlife Venues

When you go out, you want to have a good time, and you choose nightlife venues that allow you and your friends to party as hard as possible. When you own or manage a nightlife venue, you must protect that facility as much as possible—along with your guests. This level of protection, however, goes beyond business insurance.

The four tips listed below are intended for both nightlife operators and party goers, helping everyone remain safe. While party goers can take steps to protect themselves, you, as a venue owner or manager, must do the same for the business.

Party With the Buddy System

Yes, partygoers should use the buddy system to remain safe. You should never go out clubbing or to big concerts by yourself. Likewise, you should not secure your venue by yourself.

The Americana-esque image of a singular bouncer outside a bar, nightclub, or concert venue is not only outdated—it’s dangerous.

Hire a full security team consisting of at least two people who can work together. The more people, the merrier. When your security team can work together, they don’t need to stand out, but they can almost be everyone at the same time, quelling any potential altercations, providing peace of mind, and maintaining order.

Arrange a Ride

Partygoers should always arrange a ride, a designated driver, or plan to call for a ride-sharing car before going out. This is the safest way to get home.

At the same time, nightlife venues should always have a taxi stand available, valets or staff who can hail cabs, call cabs, or even help partygoers order ride-sharing vehicles. This goes far beyond “let me call you a cab” when someone drinks too much. You should dedicate a portion of your staff, business, and resources to these rides.

You might even go so far as offering shuttles to large hotels in the area (or even the airport.)

Drink Responsibly

First, nightlife venue staff should be held to a strict no drinking or drugs policy while on the job. Period. That’s the best way to protect your business. Plus, your bartenders or serving staff should be instructed to cut off patrons who are obviously highly intoxicated (or getting there.)

Moreover, your staff should be instructed to card every single person they serve—without exception. You can lose your liquor license for serving just one underaged individual—accidentally or not.

And, of course, party goers should drink responsibly, bring a designated driver, and learn when to stop. At the very least, someone in the group needs to be in a position to call a cab or get a ride share for everyone.

Safeguard Valuables

As a nightlife venue owner, you should keep all back hallways and offices locked. Store cash and other valuables in a safe, and never keep too much cash in the till.

Moreover, your venue might offer lockers for party goers—they can bring their own locks and protect their valuables. All you need to do is provide the locker space. Plus, party goers are advised to leave their valuables at home. It’s one thing to look good on the town, but costume jewellery and fake watches are much cheaper and easier to replace if something happens on the town.

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