people are drinking and dancing fearlessly & Keeping the Party Going With Specialty Coverage for Nightlife Venues.

Keep the Party Going With Speciality Coverage for Nightlife Venues 

When you manage a nightlife environment, you may need speciality insurance. Why? Your facility is quite unique, and Florida offers several different options for those who wish to set up a bar, nightclub, event space, concert venue, etc.  

You can keep the party going with speciality coverage from HomePort—but what do you need specifically? We make certain that your space is insured properly, especially when it’s not the “typical” nightspot.  

What Types of Insurance Do Bars and Nightclubs Need? 

Bars and nightclubs require basic insurance policies that any other business would need. However, the combination of these coverages can be a bit confusing because most other businesses wouldn’t buy all those policies at once. 

Generally, bars and nightclubs need all these coverages: 

  • Business owner’s policy 
  • Workers’ comp 
  • General liability coverage 
  • Commercial auto 
  • Liquor liability 
  • Commercial property 
  • Business income or interruption 
  • Assault and battery 
  • Crime 

Specialty Insurance for Bars and Nightclubs 

Now that you see what it takes to insure your nightlife venue, you must consider its location. Remember, Florida offers thousands of miles of coastline that you can use to open a bar, nightclub, concert venue, and more. As a result, you need custom coverage because you’re on the water, dealing with boats, and experience several different exposures at once. 

When you reach out to our team, let us know if you must insure: 

  • Boats 
  • Docks 
  • Piers 
  • Marinas 
  • Rental equipment, etc 

Because you’re on the water, you run the risk of flooding more than most spaces. Damage to docks and piers makes the space that much more expensive to maintain. Marinas involve boat traffic, and piers may need to be shored up after major storms. 

If you haven’t purchased coverage and protected your business from these exposures, you may be forced to pay for repairs or replacements out-of-pocket.  

Plus, water makes the bar or nightclub that much more dangerous, turning simple slips and falls into major liability claims, simple boat accidents into massive incidents, etc. Fires and explosions may also occur given the nature of certain piers, marinas, and docks and how they store industrial gases or fuels. 

How Much Does Bar or Nightclub Insurance Cost? 

Shopping around for insurance is difficult for bar and nightclub owners. Instead of assuming that you should take the first policy you find, our team will market your policies to all the best carriers in the industry.  

We offer the most appropriate combination of coverages at prices you can afford. Tell us what you need—we’ll do the rest to make sure you Keep the Party Going. 

How to Upgrade Bar or Nightclub Insurance 

Don’t be afraid to upgrade your bar or nightclub insurance as the business grows. Reach back out to our team to extend your limits, purchase umbrella or excess coverage, and ensure that the value of your insurance package is keeping up with the value of your business. 

Need more help? We can review your current policies and make recommendations based on your revenue, facility, and projections.

Contact HomePort to Keep the Party Going 

At HomePort, we keep the party going for all our clients. You can reach out to us as soon as you realize you need better nightclub or bar insurance for your unique nightspot. The world comes to Florida to party, but are you ready? We’re happy to cut costs on your behalf, find the best coverage, and customize solutions for your business. 


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