6 Ways to Battle Restaurant Costs

Best ways to Battle Restaurant Costs

Restaurant owners have a tough job. They keep customers are happy and make sure their food tastes good, while also operating as business owners. It’s not easy, but it‘s rewarding work. The key, then, to keeping restaurant costs down is a multi-layered solution that begins with affordable insurance and ends with a far more streamlined […]

Keep the Party Going: 4 Tips for Nightlife Venues

A bunch of people are enjoying music and dancing in the nightclub.

When you go out, you want to have a good time, and you choose nightlife venues that allow you and your friends to party as hard as possible. When you own or manage a nightlife venue, you must protect that facility as much as possible—along with your guests. This level of protection, however, goes beyond […]

Keep the Party Going With HomePort Insurance: 4 Tips for Nightclub Owners

Keep the Party Going With HomePort Insurance: 4 Tips for Nightclub Owners

Whether you run a nightclub, bar, entertainment venue, plan parties, or something in between, HomePort Insurance has options for you. The nightlife crowd—those comedienne, Iliza Schlesinger terms “Nighttime Scientists”—need special lines of insurance to Keep the Party Going. However, it can be hard to know what sort of coverage to buy, how much, and how […]

How Vulnerable Are Hospitality Businesses to Reputational Risk?

A bartender is well dressed and ready to serve drinks to customers.

Reputational risk, and specifically, online reputational risk, are serious concerns for hospitality businesses. At any moment, you can check the news and find an establishment that has gone viral, the scathing reviews left by non-customers—even those living thousands of miles away—and only begin to imagine what this would be like if it were your business. […]

Risk Management and How It Can Help Your Business

Risk Management and How It Can Help Your Business

Risk management for business owners and managers is of the utmost importance. You registered your business, found a location, carved out a niche for yourself, hired employees, and got to work. However, you might have overlooked risks that could make your business difficult to manage or even financially unsound.

Managing the Risks of a Restaurant Can Be Tricky

The restaurant owner is working and looking stressed about managing all the risks.

When you dream of owning a restaurant, there is more to it than planning a menu, setting up the building, and hiring a few servers. Your restaurant is tattered with risk from an insurance perspective, and there are several issues for which you should be prepared. Review these insights to better understand what you’re taking […]