How Vulnerable Are Hospitality Businesses to Reputational Risk?

A bartender is well dressed and ready to serve drinks to customers.

Reputational risk, and specifically, online reputational risk, are serious concerns for hospitality businesses. At any moment, you can check the news and find an establishment that has gone viral, the scathing reviews left by non-customers—even those living thousands of miles away—and only begin to imagine what this would be like if it were your business. […]

Managing the Risks of a Restaurant Can Be Tricky

The restaurant owner is working and looking stressed about managing all the risks.

When you dream of owning a restaurant, there is more to it than planning a menu, setting up the building, and hiring a few servers. Your restaurant is tattered with risk from an insurance perspective, and there are several issues for which you should be prepared. Review these insights to better understand what you’re taking […]

Why Do You Need Restaurant & Hospitality Insurance?

Manager giving instructions to his employees at multi culture workplace.

Restaurant and hospitality insurance is a massive part of what you do from the kitchen to the front of the house and everywhere in between. The dream of opening a restaurant, catering, serving others, and living your passion is just the beginning of managing a hospitality business in the modern day. A study released in […]

When it Comes to Workplace Safety, You Get What You Pay For

Build a safe workplace for employees.

As a business owner, workplace safety is your responsibility. However, you must do more than comply with local laws and look after your team. You must build a safety culture that is more than compliant—it looks to safety first in every situation. While you cannot completely avoid accidents or injuries, you can reduce the risks […]